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Delivering professional news

Interfax news can be read in the best publications in Russia and the world, heard in television and radio broadcasts, and viewed on our public website, For professional users, we have developed ways to deliver news that are suit both individual and corporate users.

Methods of news delivery
The most convenient way to read our news at your workplace.
Mobile website:
The light version of the main website is convenient for use on the go. It uses minimal traffic.
Web service
The maximum amount of metadata, delivery in real-time, xml, technical support 24/7.
The traditional delivery method is supported in pull\push mode.
Detailed layout.
News gateway
The Interfax Windows service that is installed on the customer’s end enables the user to receive news in any format for subsequent automated processing. Documentation. Distribution.
App for iOS
Download from App Store.
If you do not find a suitable method, contact us and we will provide a customized solution!
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Interfax journalists work to ensure that our readers are the first to find out about all of the latest important events in politics and economics and are able to assess the impact of these events.
We don’t just write about what’s happening now, we help you understand what’s going to happen tomorrow.
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