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Аудитория: banking sector analysts, bank, credit bureau and collection agency managers, credit brokers, PR officers, government officials
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Russia & CIS Banking and Finance Weekly

The most comprehensive information about the banking sector in Russia and abroad
Структура издания
Corporate news about banks: implementation of plans, introduction and changes in banking services, development of bank networks, ownership changes, mergers and acquisitions
Regulatory environment and government regulation: news from the Russian government, Central Bank of Russia (CBR), Finance Ministry, Economic Development Ministry and Federal Anti-Monopoly Service
Registration of banks, issuing and revocation of licenses, restrictions on banks’ operations
Reviews of the securities, forex and money markets with commentary from analysts
Extensive range of digital statistical data about the state of the Russian and international money market, as well as information about the precious metals and coin market
List of digital statistical data published on wire
Information about Russian money market Balances on banks’ correspondent accounts and deposits at the CBR; balance of CBR operations; results of direct repo auctions; MosPrime, MIBID/MIBOR and RUONIA rates and trading volume on which calculations are made
Information about international money market CDS on the Eurobonds of Russia and other countries; EURIBOR and EONIA rates; average LIBOR rates; Eurodollar deposit rates; quotes for Russian Eurobonds denominated in U.S. dollars
Information about forex market Official exchange rates of the CBR and national banks of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus; cross rates for main world currencies and SDR; average buy/sell rates for cash euros and dollars at Moscow banks; swap spreads for CBR euro and dollar swaps; tomorrow dollar rate in Unified Trading Session; trading results for foreign currencies, currency swaps and forex futures on Moscow Exchange; prices for ruble futures contracts on Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Information about securities market Quotes for stocks and corporate bonds on Moscow Exchange; trading results; and information about bond coupon payments by Russian companies
Information about precious metals and coin market Quotes for precious metals on London market; CBR release prices for investment coins; CBR book prices for precious metals
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