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Russia & CIS Business and Financial Newswire

The market-moving Business and Financial Newswire is Russia and the post-Soviet space's most comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable real-time news service for breaking and developing business and finance news
Структура издания
Company news
Corporate news about the 500 leading Russian and 500 global companies
Special focus on energy, metals, transportation, infocommunications and agribusiness
Operating and financial results for every quarter and half-year; annual results with comparative figures
Data on the status of the leading funds and plans to update them
Borrowing on the capital markets, M&A deals, IPOs
News about the biggest deals
Progress updates on major production programs and their financing
Appointments and dismissals in senior management
News about banks and professional market participants
Monetary policy (Russia and international)
Information about the investment and retail business of Russia’s top 100 banks
Biggest deals on the money market
News about industry regulation: the Central Bank of Russia, government, Finance Ministry, Economic Development Ministry and Federal Anti-Monopoly Service
Development of the regional banking network
Economic regulation
Statements by the president and prime minister in real time
Government resolutions and regulations
News about regulation of individual markets by relevant agencies: the Economic Development Ministry, Finance Ministry, Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Energy Ministry, Transport Ministry; information about tariffs and standards
Passage of economic laws, from the drafting stage to consideration in the State Duma
Industry news and market data
Energy: data on oil and gas production and processing capacity; infrastructure projects; export markets; major deals and prices; electricity market analysis
Metals: trends in domestic and foreign demand for and consumption of ferrous metals; world prices for nonferrous metals; demand for gold and advance financing to mine it
Telecommunications and IT: competition on local markets; household consumption of communication services; development of information and telecommunication infrastructure
Transportation: changes in railway freight tariffs; news about competition for customers within sectors; routes and infrastructure; changes in logistics chains; manufacture and purchasing of engineering products for the industry
Finance: interest rates on the Russian and international money markets; conditions of major offerings; information about nongovernmental pension funds and asset management companies; the condition of the retail market
Securities market: daily reports on the Russian and major international stock, bond and forex markets; news about international and Russian economic statistics; technical data on markets
Statistics and prices
Energy: monthly production and exports of oil and gas according to data from the Russian Energy Ministry; oil refining and oil product production volumes, oil transportation volumes; trends in production drilling; prices for gas, oil and oil products in Russia and abroad; electricity market reviews
Transportation: monthly figures for freight loading and shipments on Russian railways, cargo handling at ports, airport passenger traffic; reviews of freight market and railway tariffs
Metals: monthly production of steel, pig iron, rolled products, pipes and raw materials for the iron and steel industry; production and exports of nonferrous metals; shipment of metals and coal by Russian Railways (RZD); gold production by Russian region; world prices for gold and nonferrous metals
Agribusiness: monthly data on grain reserves, exports and imports; forecasts for production and shipments to key markets; information about production of food, beverages and tobacco; shipments of grain freight; weekly prices for meat, milk, flour and vegetables by Russian district; information about imposition and lifting of restrictions on imports
Telecommunications: quarterly data on subscribers to mobile, broadband and pay TV services; data on retail sales of mobile devices
Finance: monthly and quarterly financial statements from banks; balances on banks’ correspondent accounts and deposits at the Central Bank of Russia (CBR); balance of CBR transactions, results of direct repo auctions, CBR rate in real time; key money market indicators, official and market exchange rates, quotes for stocks and bonds at close of trading
Economy: Data on GDP, industrial production and other key indicators; market sentiment indicators (Russia and world)
All events of public companies
List of key industry conferences
Agenda for government, parliament and regulators
Calendar of key international events, including publication of statistics
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