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Global Natural Gas Daily

Natural Gas Daily journalists explain the wider impact of regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, political decisions and price movements
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Natural Gas Daily journalists explain the wider impact of regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, political decisions and price movements. Using a broad network of contacts on all five continents, our journalists go directly to the sources.
Natural Gas Daily publishes unique features that you will not find in other gas publications. We cover news stories with a fresh perspective, placing events in context and providing a range of opinions from key decision-makers in the industry, as well as bringing you in-depth analyses of the most important issues affecting regional and global markets. Exclusive interviews with top managers and energy experts, offering a personal or company view on the latest gas/LNG trends.
Global and regional data on production, consumption, imports, exports and domestic and international price changes for gas and LNG are available at a glance in our regular Number Crunch pages. Dedicated journalists based in Brussels deliver regular policy updates from the home of European energy regulation. We make sense of the numerous policy announcements to emerge from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and outline the ways these initiatives will affect the gas industry within the common market. This six-page supplement is published every Thursday morning.
Our Chinese journalists provide weekly reports on the latest policy announcements from Beijing whilst on Mondays our Washington editor reports on the latest US energy policy announcements, from LNG export permits to fracking and licensing tenders. Policy updates from all other global regions are reported by our local correspondents as soon as they are issued.
European gas and LNG commentaries with graphs are covered in our European Gas Markets section every Monday and North American Gas Markets explores the US and Canadian markets every Tuesday.
EnergyHub is an information tool that provides a complete summary of the global gas industry in country, company and project profiles. The latest news and analysis is streamed into relevant categories and profiles. Country profiles include: economic and political conditions; policy and regulation changes; domestic market conditions; priorities and critical issues facing the country’s gas industry; and country-specific gas and LNG production. Company profiles highlight strategies, priorities and global gas activities, with links to associated global projects and the latest annual reports.
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