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How do we
cover the news?

Interfax's mission is to make you the first to know about all the key events in politics and the economy.

We report not only what is happening right now but help you to understand what is going to happen tomorrow.

We've been writing news since 1989

We reported on the very beginnings of present-day Russia and have been directly involved in all key historic events. We have created a new format of political and economic news.

The quality of our work has been tested by time.

Interfax relies on high quality standards. Our correspondents and editors constantly enhance their skills. Our relationship with our subscribers also makes us better.

We work with primary sources

We always attend every important event in which the country's leaders, prominent politicians and businessmen take part.

We work with companies' primary data, we talk with decision-makers.

We create and use state-of-the-art online monitoring and fact-checking systems.

Our reporters work all over the country, as well as countries of the former Soviet Union. We cover all important events where they happen and receive information straight from the source.

We live and breathe the market

We were the first in Russia to create a special newswire for stock market traders.

We track all events and factors that influence stock quotations in real time.

Interfax has become a part of the market infrastructure.

Interfax has become a Russian information market leader thanks to its reputation as a secure, fast, objective and independent news agency. Our information is trustworthy.

We check our facts and mean what we say

Our reputation is based on the professionalism and responsibility of our correspondents and editors, as well as our adherence to clearly defined principles of journalism, professional ethics and news standards.

We were the first Russian news agency to adopt a code of ethics for our rules for creating and verifying information.

We mean what we say, so we are always sure about what we write.

Interfax Group news standard

From Interfax Group Journalist Charter

We respect the right of people to know reliable information and do everything we can to deliver such information. This requires constant and uncompromised adherence of the agency and every journalist in it to ethical and editorial norms, principles of independence, responsibility, accuracy and objectivity.

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Interfax journalists work to ensure that our readers are the first to find out about all of the latest important events in politics and economics and are able to assess the impact of these events.
We don’t just write about what’s happening now, we help you understand what’s going to happen tomorrow.
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